How long will it keep?

Months even at room temperature.

Can I still get in?

No. You must wait for the next group buy.

How long must I wait?

Delivery has commenced on the current group buy. It is unknown when the next group buy will be offered but one is in progress.

Can I get a refund if I need the money prior to delivery?

No.  The funds are committed to the synthesis and there is not enough margin to support refunds.

Are side effects known?

Unknown for humans.  Nothing significant is known in rats .  However, there is reasonable speculation based on recent reseach with rats, not involving dihexa, that there could be loss of some old memories as new memories form.   There is also reasonable speculation that there may be a connection with cancer .

What can be done to minimize risk?

Don't take it until clinical trials have been conducted with double blind controls and then only under a doctor's supervision.  

But what if I can't wait that long?

There are a number of standard protocols used in clinical trials to establish safety.  One is to establish a baseline measurement of your condition and then start with a very small dose -- a few percent of the human equivalent dose -- for a period of time before gradually increasing.  Take frequent measurements of your condition to note any changes.  This is similar to the protocol that one might follow if one is in the wild,  attempting to determine which plants are edible and which are poisonous. 

What is the human equivalent dose?

Human equivalent dose is about 22mg per day for a 150lb male

How is it administered?

Orally on an empty stomach.

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